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Drug product (FDF) added to database we have combined two databases together – FDF and API. After choosing an API, you can now access a list of FDFs that uses it as an active ingredient.

- API Database contains 44 000 generic API listed with price ranges. Including regulatory information, price ranges US market, EU, Canada and other regulated markets and rest of the world.

- A list of more than 5000 verified API's vendors.
including DMF's availability, Purity, CEP, FDF dossier availability, contact details/ Distributors/branch etc.

- A list of Pharmaceutical Excipients Vendors
including regulatory information, price ranges, contact details etc.

- Pharmaceutical dossiers for sale and Impurity Standards. List of owners and contact details.

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07.25.20 - Our database is now open for free of charge listing for Finished drug products manufacture. Marketing and sales managers - this is your unique opportunity to expose your products list to more the 5000 clients worldwide.  Share and listing Information mail@api-data.com
07.20.20 - Added FDF.
01.07.20 - The API is updated daily. Today we have 44.234 records in the API database

Product Description

All the data are real and validated.
We are performing continuous monitoring vendor's lists and correcting/updating the database at real time.
We don't initiating customers review - one of the best evidences of our high rating is the position of our site in search engines.

We are continuously monitoring market developments and adding all new API's / excipients recently approved! Even for most recent products the information is inside!

We validate and periodically re-checking listed vendors - no chance you'll look for vendor and find the "trader". We are preventing unfair people to be the part of our list.

We don't share details of our customers with third parties - you can be 100% confident. No "fishing", no spam mail, nobody will disturb your organization!

No licenses - one password/login for all the company's employees

Monthly subscription - for updates automatically and easy unsubscribe

A huge number of manufacturers with verified information will help you make the better deal

Outstanding support

Our system is maintained and updated on daily basis, providing on-line (24/7) customer support.

For any unresolved issue, the customer can contact us and submit the question or request - we'll take an immediate care - in line with our tradition of outstanding customers support.

How It Works

Here we pleasure to provide you some examples for searches as performed recently by our customer:

Product Highlights

Our upgraded search engine permits to look for the compound of interest by selecting different criteria, like: Functional category, GMP status, DMF availability etc. Depending on the needs, our customers can easily retrieve list of all the compounds belong to functional category, for example : "preservatives" and , if necessary, modify the search results by adding other criteria.Every of more than 13000 listed compounds is classified by its regulatory status, CAS number, UNII number etc. It will permit the customer receiving accurate and complete list of manufactures - only those comply with the selected criteria.

API and Excipients

biggest database of pharmaceutical manufacturers and suppliers

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