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Frequently asked questions (FAQ) API Database

What's inside?

There are over 5.000 vendors, APIs and excipients listed in our database. We also provide you  with full access to information regarding indicative price range, DMF's availability, Purity, CEP, FDF dossier availability, contact details/ Distributors/branch etc.
Pharmaceutical dossiers for sale - list of owners and contact details.
We always take a care to indicate whether a vendor is a manufacturer or a trader.
We will always list all company's  subsidiaries companies (if there are any), so that you can quickly figure out who exactly you are talking to.
All the data are real and validated.

How do you know the prices?

We collecting the data from different sources and processing by specially developed algorithm. We continuously monitoring prices changes at different markets  and updating the levels periodically.

How to perform a search?

First, you need to select  whether you want to look for an API or an excipient. You will then need to choose the respective section.
- You can search for an item based on its name – you need to type it into an empty cell located above, in the column called "Product Name".
- You can concurrently apply various other filters, for example – the vendor's current location in the "Country" column.
- You can type in a company's name into the search bar (column "Manufacturer") in order to get the complete list of items that this company offers.
- You can do the same with any chemical formula, you just type it into the search bar of the "Chemical Formula" column.
- You can also search for items using only a part of a chemical formula, the results will show a list of items utilizing that specific fragment of a formula.
- You can also easily add various search criteria, for example, instead of using the item's name you can use its CAS #.
- You can add US, EC or JP to the DMF column – you can separately  or any combination of the above in order to limit the number of search results to those within the Drug Master File. available.
In the Pharmacopoeia section, you can also easily choose the right option from a drop-down list.

What to do when you can't find an item?

We receive an automatic notification every time a search does not return any results.
On average, it takes approximately 3 days in order to add the item. In case your situation requires extra urgency, you can email us at mail@api-data.com
We will handle your situation in the swiftest and most effective manner possible.
If you are not getting enough results and you're sure that there has to be more of them – you should also email us at mail@api-data.com

What is your subscription price?

- Our monthly subscription will cost you $50. You receive full, unrestricted access to our database (no limitations) for a full month.
- The cost of our yearly subscription is $200. There are no differences besides the duration when you compare it to the monthly subscription. You can access our database for the duration of a year.
- There's one more type of subscription – vendor subscription. We will add your list (any number of APIs) to our database. You will be able to introduce changes, for free.
This type of subscription costs $500 (one-time payment). As a bonus, you also receive our yearly subscription.

How do I pay?

- Using your credit card via a PayPal gateway.
- Via PayPal.
- International wire transfer. For  bank account details, please, apply to mail@api-data.com.
- You can also use local transfer in Germany, USA,  and London banks. For  bank account details, please, apply to mail@api-data.com

If you made your payment via PayPal, you will be instantly granted access to our database, using the login/password combination of your choosing.
If you made your payment using different process,  we will send you your login data as soon as we receive the payment notification.
You can email us as soon as you're finished, you don't have wait for the bank to notify us.

I made my payment, why can't I login?

Occasionally, it takes PayPal a while to verify/process your payment. In other words, we don't immediately "receive" the payment. Until your payment is safely transferred to our account, you won't be able to access our database. There are two solutions for this problem:
1. Waiting
2. If your situation is urgent and you cannot wait, you can email us at mail@api-data.com. We will give you a temporarily login and password so that you can access our database until the payment verification process is complete.
After that, you will be able to access our database by entering the password/login combination that you picked during the sign-up process.

How do I cancel my subscription?

It's simple. The easiest way is to send a letter to mail@api-data.com and say that you've decided to unsubscribe.
We will send you a conformation letter within a day.
You can also cancel your subscription via a dedicated PayPal page.
Please be mindful of the fact that if you're using wire transfer – there won't be any rebills, it's one-time payment, so there's no need to cancel your subscription.

Can I get an invoice?

Yes, you can. Send us a letter at mail@api-data.com

I still have some questions.

We'll be happy to answer them. Contact us at mail@api-data.com

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