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Every day more than 4000 API buyers are entering our web pages.

Quality of human life is improving and access to affordable pharmaceuticals is growing. Pharmaceutical companies expanding their markets and sales and availability of reliable vendors of the active pharmaceutical ingredients became an important factor in success for every player at this crowded market.

Pharmaceutical industry – API manufactures, pharma marketing companies , manufactures – all the links in the chain searching for new market developments and opportunities.

Active pharmaceutical ingredients market became more complex at GDUFA epoch – and, in accordance, necessity to have an access to all potential API manufactures for designated pharma market is so important

For more than five years we are monitoring, checking and listing manufactures of active pharmaceutical ingredients. Our team of experts every year evaluating hundreds of companies and their API's portfolio in order to deliver to pharmaceutical companies worldwide most comprehensive and updated information.

Our database is an unique place, providing the support for API manufactures and sellers, as well as for the customers: pharma traders, pharmaceutical companies, procurement people, scientists, etc. We continuously expanding our database and updating search capabilities in order to provide complete satisfaction for all our customers in the pharma world

What they are looking for?
We monitor all customer's requests and running the statistic for the entities they looking for.
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Where our customers are located ?
Here is the screenshot for daily statistics – the data fluctuates form day to day, but first six lines remain always unchanged.
How you API's are added to the database and effecting your clients growth?

  1. Send us your list of API's, indicate where CEP/ DMF are available, contact details.
  2. Complete registration fee – one-in-time payment of 500 USD.
  3. Within 48 hours your API's will be permanently listed in the database (no additional fees for additions, updates etc.)
Enjoy growing flow of new clients to your company – our database is always at top lines of all major search engines and all your potential clients are looking for the API's here (

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