Active pharmaceutical ingredients database 21,726 APIs

API-DATA offering you unique comprehensive search engine,
by using it you will be able in few seconds find and compose customized list of the products of interest.

You able to filter search results by:
- API name or CAS Number
- Country of origin;
- Chemical formula (or even part of it);
- COS / DMF availability;
- Company name;

The resulted list will contain only relevant information and contact details of the manufactures
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At our renewed search engine you can search by typing of  molecular formula (or even part of it) of the compound of interest –this is very useful tool searching of compounds from the same family.

Here we pleasure to provide you some examples for searches as performed recently by our customer:
-All Indian manufactures  for Tramadol Hydrochloride having US DMF;


-Oxycodone manufactures in US + US DMF;

api database

-All Omeprazole manufactures having COS;

api dada base

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-API'S manufactured by Siegfried (Switzerland);

api database
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