Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient and Excipients Database

Active pharmaceutical ingredients database contains
21,726 APIs and 13,067 excipients.

You able to filter search results by:
- API name or CAS Number
- Country of origin
- Chemical formula (or even part of it) - this is very useful tool searching of compounds from the same family.
- COS / DMF availability
- Company name
Every of more than 13000 listed compounds is classified by:
- GMP status, DMF, CAS number, UNII number
- you can easily retrieve list of all the compounds belong to functional category, for example: "preservatives" and , if necessary, modify the search results by adding other criteria.
- Regulatory status, authorized distributors etc.
- Company name
Our system is maintained and updated on daily basis, providing on-line (24/7) customer support. For any unresolved issue, the customer can contact us and  submit the question or request - we'll take an immediate care -  in line with our tradition of outstanding customers support.

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Here we pleasure to provide you some examples for searches as performed recently by our customer:
-All Indian manufactures  for Tramadol Hydrochloride having US DMF;


-Oxycodone manufactures in US + US DMF;

api database

-All Omeprazole manufactures having COS;

api dada base

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-API'S manufactured by Siegfried (Switzerland);

api database
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